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Name: Overlord Rank
Price: 60.00 45.00 USD

This package gives you access to Overlord Rank. This rank allows you to stand out and receive some extra recognition. This rank comes with certain perks and extra futures.

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:



  • /hat: Equip any blocks as a hat
  • /feed: Feed yourself
  • /clearinventory: Access to clear inventory
  • /enderchest: Access to virtual enderchest


  • Backpack: 5x sized /backpack
  • Homes: Create 8 personal homes
  • Bonus: Weekly donor package which includes 15 million in-game cash and 50k tokens + special key.
  • Kit details: Check /previewkit Overlord in-game to view what it contains.
  • Autosell: Access to /autosell
  • Tags: Access to miner, windows, Cash, Email, crafter, clown, Mecha, Instinct, Strikes tags
  • Rankup: Access to /autorankup
  • Mine: Access to overlord mine
  • Autosell: Access to auto sell Emperor shop
  • Keep EXP: When dieing, you no longer loose exp.

More perks and features to be added!



  • /chatcolor: Access to chatcolor gui
  • /Anvil: Access to virutal anvil
  • /Workbench: Access virtual crafting table
  • /kit overlord: Claim overlord kit
  • /backpack: Open your backpack


  • Access to donator reward
  • 12 hour ban on elimination instead of 24 hours
  • Access to many chat colors
  • Access to a 5 x 9 backpack
  • Access to 12 homes
  • Access to a one time Overlord Kit
    • Wither Skeleton pet
    • $10,000
    • 1 Donator Key
    • All previous perks