Name: Ascendant+ Rank
Price: 130.00 USD



  • /hat: Equip any blocks as a hat
  • /feed: Feed yourself
  • /clearinventory: Access to clear inventory
  • /enderchest: Access to virtual enderchest
  • /Fly: Access to fly
  • /Pweather: Access to personal weather options
  • /Recipe: Access to see how to craft each item
  • /Tptoggle: Access to toggle tpa on or off
  • /Nick gui: Access to nick gui menu
  • /Chatcolor: Access to custom chat color
  • /near: Access to see who is near your current location
  • /back: Access to go back to last location
  • /nv: Access to enable nightvision
  • /rename: Access to rename in-game items
  • /kittycannon: Access to shoot exploding cats
  • /invsee: See other players items
  • /trails: Access to trails menu, where you can customize wings and other cosmetics


  • Backpack: 10x sized /backpack
  • Homes: Create 10 personal homes
  • Bonus: Weekly god package which includes 100,000,000 million in-game cash and 150k tokens + four special keys.
  • Kit details: Check /previewkit Ascendant+ in-game to view what it contains.
  • Autosell: Access to /autosell
  • Tags: Access to miner, windows, Cash, Email, crafter, clown, Mecha, Instinct, Strikes tags
  • Rankup: Access to /autorankup
  • Mine: Access to topranks mine
  • Autosell: Access to auto sell Emperor shop
  • Keep EXP: When dieing, you no longer loose exp.
  • Autosell multiplier: Receive a permanent 3x auto sell mulitplier when mining

More perks and features to be added!



  • /chatcolor: Access to chatcolor gui
  • /Anvil: Access to virutal anvil
  • /Workbench: Access virtual crafting table
  • /enderchest: Access virtual enderchest
  • /kit ascendant+: Claim ascendant kit
  • /backpack: Open your backpack


  • Access to ascendant reward
  • 6 hour ban on elimination instead of 24 hours
  • Access to many chat colors
  • Access to a 6 x 9 backpack
  • Access to 18 homes
  • Access to a one time Ascendant+ Kit
    • Iron Golem pet
    • $16,000
    • 1 Donator Key
    • All previous perks