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Name: Ascendant+ Rank (Monthly subscription)
Price: 30.00 22.50 USD

Monthly rank:

This is a recurring subscription, that automatically renews each month. Keep in mind, you can cancel this at any time. If you need help cancelling, you can contact on discord and we will cancel right away, or you can do it through store.

This package gives you access to Ascendant+ Rank. This rank allows you to stand out and receive some extra recognition. This rank comes with certain perks and extra futures.

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:



  • /hat: Equip any blocks as a hat
  • /feed: Feed yourself
  • /clearinventory: Access to clear inventory
  • /enderchest: Access to virtual enderchest
  • /Fly: Access to fly
  • /Pweather: Access to personal weather options
  • /Recipe: Access to see how to craft each item
  • /Tptoggle: Access to toggle tpa on or off
  • /Nick gui: Access to nick gui menu
  • /Chatcolor: Access to custom chat color
  • /near: Access to see who is near your current location
  • /back: Access to go back to last location
  • /nv: Access to enable nightvision
  • /rename: Access to rename in-game items
  • /kittycannon: Access to shoot exploding cats
  • /invsee: See other players items
  • /trails: Access to trails menu, where you can customize wings and other cosmetics


  • Backpack: 10x sized /backpack
  • Homes: Create 10 personal homes
  • Bonus: Weekly god package which includes 100,000,000 million in-game cash and 150k tokens + four special keys.
  • Kit details: Check /previewkit Ascendant+ in-game to view what it contains.
  • Autosell: Access to /autosell
  • Tags: Access to miner, windows, Cash, Email, crafter, clown, Mecha, Instinct, Strikes tags
  • Rankup: Access to /autorankup
  • Mine: Access to topranks mine
  • Autosell: Access to auto sell Emperor shop
  • Keep EXP: When dieing, you no longer loose exp.
  • Autosell multiplier: Receive a permanent 3x auto sell mulitplier when mining

More perks and features to be added!



  • /chatcolor: Access to chatcolor gui
  • /Anvil: Access to virutal anvil
  • /Workbench: Access virtual crafting table
  • /enderchest: Access virtual enderchest
  • /kit ascendant+: Claim ascendant kit
  • /backpack: Open your backpack


  • Access to ascendant reward
  • 6 hour ban on elimination instead of 24 hours
  • Access to many chat colors
  • Access to a 6 x 9 backpack
  • Access to 18 homes
  • Access to a one time Ascendant+ Kit
    • Iron Golem pet
    • $16,000
    • 1 Donator Key
    • All previous perks